Meet the team
Founder and CEO, Floris started his career at Rotterdam The Hague Airport where he gained knowledge and experience in the airline industry. His love for aviation brought him to the flight academy, but entrepreneurship beckoned. During his work at a private jet operator, he regularly saw planes leaving empty. That had to be done differently, better and more profitably. He shifted his focus, combining his strong drive as a passionate entrepreneur and finding a better solution for the problem. Two years later, he is working with the help of investors and a team of web developers and technicians on the development of the booking platform Flowings. "By creating better efficiency we contribute to a more sustainable aviation industryā€¯
Web Developer, Bojan Bazdar
Web Designer, Henk den Haring
Marketing and PR, Rob Lagendijk is a dynamic and driven individual who is passionate about delivering results. With a strong background in project management, Rob has a proven track record of leading teams to success, delivering projects on-time and within budget. He is a natural leader and has excellent communication skills, allowing him to effectively collaborate with stakeholders and drive project momentum. Rob's deep understanding of technology and business makes him a valuable asset to any team, and his unwavering commitment to excellence is what sets him apart.