Press release

Flowings: private aviation more efficient, affordable and sustainable

Sharing economy now also reaches the luxury segment

Rotterdam, May 17, 2023 - The number of private jets worldwide has doubled compared to 20 years ago, and according to The Guardian’s recent report, last year more flights by private jets were flown than ever before. The article of the British quality newspaper expresses concerns about the strain this puts on the planet. To make matters worse, in Europe alone, these luxury planes fly empty to destinations hundreds of thousands of times a year. This highlights the importance of the Dutch company Flowings, which wants to put an end to these empty leg flights through its own platform. The Flowings platform displays the empty flights of all private jet providers worldwide, with a simple search. These can then be booked directly and at a competitive rate. This often involves return flights to the point of origin and onward flights to another location where the jet is booked. Flowings makes private flying more efficient, affordable and sustainable. The soft-launch of Flowings will take place on 24 May during the EBACE aviation fair in Geneva.
photo: Flowings, stock photo

Different, better and more profitable

The man behind Flowings is Floris van den Ende from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. As a commercial photo model, he flew around the world for years, later working at The Hague Airport, where he gained knowledge and experience in the airline industry. His love for aviation even led him into joining a flight academy, and he went to work for a private jet operator. While working there, he regularly saw aircraft leaving empty. Surely there was a way to do that differently, better and more profitable? He shifted his focus, and his entrepreneurship started. Two years later, he is working - partly from Lisbon - with the help of investor Jan Willem Broekhoven and a team of web developers and technicians to develop the booking platform Flowings.

BlaBlaCar for private jets

Floris van den Ende, creator and founder of Flowings, says about his startup: "With Flowings, the sharing economy is now also reaching the luxury segment. You can see the platform as the BlaBlaCar for private jets. It's obviously a shame that so many planes fly empty, when there are plenty of people who want to book such a jet at a competitive rate. Currently, a lot of money is just lying around; with Flowings, I bring supply and demand together. This makes private flying more efficient, which in turn leads to better sales. We are also doing our bit to make the aviation industry more sustainable this way."

Love of flying

Entrepreneur Jan Willem Broekhoven on his decision to invest in Flowings: "Personally, I am a big fan of the sharing economy and, like Floris, I have a soft spot for flying. His idea of filling empty private jets immediately appealed to me greatly for both reasons. Research shows that these ‘empty leg flights’ involve hundreds of millions, which is the gap Flowings jumps into. Aircrafts can't stay at small airports, so they have to keep going, ideally with passengers on board. I always say ‘execution is 99% of success’, and seeing how adept and committed Floris is, gives me every confidence in Flowings' success. Flying is one of my greatest hobbies, for Floris it has now become business."

About Flowings

Flowings is a booking platform that offers ‘empty leg flights’ - empty flights - of private jets. With a few steps, private flights can be booked at a competitive rate. This makes private flying more accessible, efficient and affordable. As aircraft fly empty less often, Flowings makes the industry more sustainable at the same time. More than 4,000 private jets are registered in Europe alone. The Flowings platform works for bookers through a simple online search as, for example, does. Available flights from all private jet providers on the route are displayed with the corresponding price and can be booked directly.